Division does NOT exist.

Existence. What is it? Life. What is it? Are we divided? Is there somehow a magical border between I and the pie in the sky? Are we One? Of course, we are. There is no such thing as division. Division does NOT exist. So why then does ONE perceive itself as separate, as variegated? Interesting is it not. Perhaps out of lONEliness. Is it not possible? Of course, it is. All this diversity for the purpose not to be alone, not to experience loneliness, not to be bored out of One's mind. Is it thus not so that the only meaning of Life is Love? Of course, it is. Love equates to companionship after all. Well then; lest align ourselves to our existential and primordial purpose. The only purpose is Love and everything else is subordinate. Yes, anything not Love stems from ignorance; it causes dreadfulness or discord at best and suffering at worst.
~ Wald