Love needs to be consummated.

Then there's the issue of procreation (sex as it is called) which is obviously on everyOne's mind for good reason, — procreation serves the purpose so One could escape lOneliness; so One could have an other to be with (this will be music to the ears of those in biology who are not to keen on the metaphysical). Procreation or sex is thus secondary for it is but a tool for Oneself not to be alOne. Existential orgasmic sex is thus pure ecstasy when both partners, who are One in reality, realize their (One's) existential purpose is to experience LOVE while MATE-ing together. This brings to mind the importance of any relationship; to realize the other is but Self desiring Love. I for One still believe Marriage is the best course of action if both man and woman enter this union in the same understanding; God is Oneself desiring Love. The greener grass is right here; facing yourself. Look thus no further but remain in this heavenly union and be not distracted by false externalities that have no relation to the essence of your beingness and holy communion.
~ Wald