Nature is Oneself

The issue of climate change is a hot topic. But what changes? And what is the climate after all? Existence is One. Oneself is. Oneself continuously adjusts itself, realigns itself. The bigger question is to what? What does Oneself seek to align itself to? I believe it has something to do with the existential purpose; not to be alone, to have company. Companionship is the meaning of life, of existence. Our innate desire is companionship. It is what I believe. To return to the topic of nature and climate change. Nature is Oneself. Oneself is diversified for the sake of companionship; not to be alone. I read an interesting quote posted by someone anonymous that said the following "how can one harm nature when nature is Oneself"? It is ultimately true. All that is here is Oneself. Harm done to others is harm done to Self. Kindness towards others is kindness towards Self. Perhaps the only thing that is thus required is to know all is Self and to feel only Love for all that is. A new state of mind more aligned with our heart. Perhaps it is simply all that is needed.
~ Wald