Oneself Puts Itself Together

Remarkable and most certainly elaborate; the Peacock eventually comes to realize it itself is perceiving itself (or as Mr. W.S. or J v.d. V. would state; the performer performing on its own stage). Behold thus the beholder beholding itself very much like Giverny realizing it is Giverny and rather enjoying its own effulgence. For indeed; it is very much so like the Narcissus flower gazing at its own reflection realizing it itSelf 'is'. Naturally so does One or Self or Oneself eventually realize its own beauty, its own magnificence (not in its individual ego-Self but in the other that is itself masking as otherness). Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. A most ingenious accomplishment Oneself has set at 13.8 billions years in the making. Ridiculous yet ingenious for Oneself has created the concept of time to stretch itself for the purpose of its own enjoyment. And so Oneself eternally returns to the state of physical beingness after it itself pulls the rope on itself, of its own previous game in order to keep itself, its own diversity going; this not for the purpose of conflict but not to be alone. A most grand accomplishment. I Sir, raise my scotch on I Sir. Clap, clap, clap. For yes siree indeed, the curtain never sets for the the curtain is Oneself and so is the rope. In less elaborate terms; it's all G-d for G-d itself is. I suggest(s) to surrender to the dance. Love! It (Love) is the only purpose. Sure; it is companionship. Companionship and Love; it is all the same. One ā¤¸ंā¤¸्ā¤•ाā¤°.
~ Wald