Surrender to the Dance of Lovey-Dovey

Forget about the Universe. Forget about Consciousness. Forget about all those 'names'. Who has created those names after all? Is it not Oneself? Of course. Oneself creates itself. Oneself births itself into beingness. Beingness is Oneself. Sure; Oneself has become the master of its own game, playing hide and seek with itself. But why oh why? The answer is simple is it not? lONEliness. Oneself upholds its manifold diversity in order not to be alONE. Does the above have any pertinence to the dance? Naturally not. Lest however remember that surrender to the dance we must. The dance of manifoldness, of plurality, of maya, of lila, of whatever; Oneself has created in order to 'make out' and I do apologize for those words. Making out means to physically experience Oneself. To Love and to Be Loved; it equates to the same. Waste thus not this life. Surrender to the dance and Love one another for the other is in truth but Oneself desiring Love.
~ Wald