There are NO others; there is only ONE SELF.

Why do we try to make our point? Why do we argue? Why do we fight? Interesting is it not? It almost seems as if One seeks to negate its own alOneness, as if One wants to be heard, wants to be seen, wants to be noticed, wants to- or desires to have companionship. Companionship the reason is indeed. All this for companionship; not to be alOne!  The reason for Life diversified. Diversity stems from loneliness with companionship being the purpose. Is it not correct? Do we (the grand I) seek not to have an other to be with, to have someone to Love and be Loved?  Of course; so it is.  Hence why it is said that Love is the meaning of Life for it is indeed correct. Love 'is' the meaning of life. All this variation, all this diversity, all this wonderfulness; it all exists out of this existential need not to be alone, to have another to be with. There is in truth no other, there is only Oneself perceiving itself as diversified or as variegated in order not to be alOne. It is a high truth and by no means easy to accept for as mentioned before; One seeks to negate its own alOneness by diversifying itself in order to negate being single, being alone, being all by oneself. But lest not delude ourselves. The meaning of Life is Love and Love alone. Everything else is ignorance or Self-denial.  Love one another as I have loved you; there is only I, there is only Oneself, there is only God.
~ Wald