What is Life? Life is Self Desiring Companionship.

What is Life? Life is Self Desiring Companionship. There is only One Self. It is said that the present is the only reality but this remains an abstraction for reality is Oneself in its totality. There where the individual perceives many separate selves is in truth but Oneself perceiving itself as many separate selves for Companionship. What it means is that Self is undivided awareness but perceives itself as divided, as different beings, not to be alone. Aloneness is the cause for the illusion of otherness or separation and Companionship is the primordial purpose. Everything is in constant Companionship for everything is Oneself desiring constant Companionship, i.e., everything is One SaαΉ…gera. Companionship being synonymous for Friendship, Togetherness, Love. Love is thus ultimately the only valid meaning and purpose of Life.
~ Wald