There is only One Blood, One Love, One Self.

Everything has its birth from the Self. The Big Self that is. Not that there is a small Self. There is only Oneself perceiving itself as diversified, as many selves.  The truth is thus simple. Oneself perceives itself as diversified out of the need for Companionship (Hinduism, Qu'ran, Sanatana Dharma, Sikhism, Buddhism) or Love (Christianity, Sufism, Bahá'í Faith, Rastafarianism). Companionship is a synonym for Love after all. All the same. There is only one brotherhood of wo-men-kind, one Blood, one Sangria (derived from the Sanskrit word Saṅgera meaning desiring constant companionship). Very simple. Oneself has self-engineered the illusion of separation for the purpose of companionship; not to be alOne. Yes; Companionship aka Love is someone to be with, not be lonely, to experience warmth or togetherness. Baby, it's cold out there indeed. Coldness meaning loneliness. See all as Self for all is Self. Love, Love, Love. Nothing could be easier. There is only One Blood, One Love, One Self. The message is Love.
~ Wald