Self is The Eternal One

There's a lot of anxiety in this world. Anxiety stems from forgetfulness. Forgetfulness that Self is The Eternal One. Oneself has engineered the illusion of separation not to be alOne. This separation it itself perceives as life diversified. Life diversified is Oneself. It is indeed a paradox for the primordial purpose for this illusion of separation is not to cause anxiety, no, the purpose is to experience companionship. Companionship is what it is all about. It is not good to be alone. In order to phase out anxiety, humankind can simply understand it is in truth but Oneself and that there is thus nothing to worry about. Everything is Oneself and Oneself is everything. It is why it is said that all is always G-d, i.e., it's all Good. Why? G-d itself is and yes, G-d is One without a second. All this for Love, all this for Love for Love is a synonym for companionship.
~ Wald