Well Played

The debate between the material and the immaterial, the physical and the metaphysical, the phenomenal and the noumenal is irrelevant, a distraction Oneself has created to fool itself, to play with itself. It is said somewhere that the origin of the Universe is playfulness yet this is another abstraction for Oneself 'is' the Universe; but OK, let's play along. Playfulness is indeed very close. Yet it is not the main reason. Then what is? Companionship! Yes... the primary reason is companionship. It is only through companionship that One can play is it not? Well then; let it be known that the purpose of life is companionship; to have someone to be with, a friend, a mate; not to feel alone. What is companionship? Love. Love and companionship; it is all the same.
~ Wald