G-d desires to Love and Be Loved

There is only G-d. Yes, it is correct. G-d wills itself into existence. Existence is G-d, yes, in its totality. Totality is G-d and G-d is totality. There is nothing but G-d. G-d itself is. God Self Is.  There is only 'I'. I is I. There is only One Self. Oneself is! Yes, G-d is Oneself. Oneself perceives itself as diversified. Why? It is not good to be alone. The desire for companionship is the underwriting cause for all this diversity. Bliss is man and woman meeting each other in this G-d realization; Yoni and Linga, Yin and Yang, it is all Oneself; Oneself upholding itself as man and woman to escape loneliness, to consummate the desire to love and be loved. Love essentially yes. For Love equates to Companionship. All this is G-d. G-d is. God speaks. God hears. God feels. See all as God. See all as Self. There is only Oneself. There is only G-d. Keep on dancing sweethearts. You are doing good, very good. Have no fear. Simply surrender to the dance. All is always G-d.
~ Wald