The Unmoved Mover is Oneself.

What is Life? G-d question, or rather, G-d asks the question. G-d is Oneself after all. Pangea is probably an abstraction; the earth that is, so is the UNI-verse. There is no 'the' as pointing towards something external. There is only UNI as in ONEself. Yes; One Self. Oneself has engineered the illusion of separation (or other-ness) not to be alOne. Pangea therefore expands. The Universe therefore expands. It is just that it is not the Universe that is expanding; it is Oneself. Why does Oneself expand? To diversify itself, yes, it is correct. But why this need for diversification? Simple. The answer is companionship. It is not Good to be alONE. Primary reason? Companionship. Initial cause? Loneliness. The Gospel of Love; very important, those who wrote about it must have realized the same. For Love equates to Companionship after all. Love G-d with all your heart and your neighbor as yourSelf. So very true indeed.
~ Wald