Let Love be your God.

Those who have adopted the Christian faith through the centuries have understood the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus as a profound affirmation of God's presence in the midst of humanity. Yes it is true but it is an abstraction. Jesus said 'nobody comes to the father but through me'. What he said in Aramaic was 'I and the father are One; there is only One. One is. This One is Self! Oneself is cosmic totality. The Universe aka Cosmos is Oneself!  What it means is that 'We are Christ'. Christ is the embodiment of God. God is Oneself. Oneself embodies itself as the plurality to experience Love; Companionship. Separation-angst is the cause of all anxiety in this world. Separation-angst is the small self perceiving itself as separate from the whole; the whole is in reality the big self; Oneself aka God! There is indeed but One God, One Christ, One Blood, One SaαΉ…gera, One Satya, One Zion,; it is One Self! Oneself is the only thing here. It is Oneself which perceives itself as diversified. All this diversity is but Oneself! The universe, earth, all life... all Oneself! Nothing exists outside Oneself. Oneself is reality!  The message to human-kind is not to fear. Fear is self (the individual) not realizing it is in truth but One Self! It is difficult to explain. I am that I am means there is only I. I is I. There is only I. There is only Oneself! Simply surrender to Love. Love is the only reason for Life. Life means Love! See all as God. See all as Self. Feel only Love. Love is the purpose of Life diversified.
~ Wald