Life is God Desiring Love

It is true that there is a lot of confusion between man and woman. Confusion is caused by forgetfulness. Forgetfulness that there is only Oneself perceiving itself as Man and Woman not to be alone. Very important.  As such; Love 'is' the meaning of Life. What is Life after all? Life is God desiring Love, i.e., Life is Oneself desiring Love. There is only Oneself desiring Love!  Love is the reason why Oneself perceives itself as Man and Woman. Yes, it is true, there is only God. God is One without a second. Yes, it is also true, God is Oneself! Oneself does not like to be alone. It is not good to be alone. Man and woman are One Self in reality. Man and Woman, Hanuman, are God in reality. Thou art One Self! Surrender to Love for it is what Self desires.
~ Wald