Love One Another; there is NO other!

It is said that reality is not real, or, that Life is but a dream... yes... I am here and yes... I understand. Let me tell what reality is. Reality is real; it is just that reality is Oneself desiring Companionship aka Love. What does it mean? The perception of separateness or division or otherness; it is that which is not real. The question then comes... Why? Why would there be such polarity, such seemingly ridiculous me against you nonsense in this world? Aha! Why? Because there is only ONE SELF! SELF does not want to face its own SINGLEness or ONEness! Thus... Self deludes itself of thinking there are others where there is only Self! Remarkable yet understandable for loneliness is a bitch. All this for Love; not to be alone!
~ Wald