On Evolution, The Case Against Death and The Eternal Life

That which we are is One. One is Oneself. Oneself itself is. All that is here is Oneself. Oneself upholds itself. Oneself evolves itself. Always forward, ever better.  That which humankind calls existence, reality, the universe or the cosmos is in reality Oneself experiencing itself as variegated or diversified not to be alone. Aloneness aka loneliness is the cause for the perception of diversity. Love aka companionship is the purpose for the perception of diversity. Diversity exists for companionship; companionship is the purpose. As such there is nothing to fight and death does not exist for Oneself eternally is giving birth to its self perceived plurality. All plurality is in truth Oneself. Oneself is eternal, deathless and timeless merely changing in variegation similar to a peacock with its dazzling array of colors.
~ Wald