On Lila and the Divine Play

People argue, constantly, it is mind-boggling. You this, I that. Turn on the news. Division everywhere. Is there division? Of course not. There is only Oneself playing with itself not to be alone. This play is called Lila by the way. Lila translates to the divine play. There is of course only the divine. The divine itself is. It is one self. Indeed, there is no second, third, and so on. There is only One Self. The question then comes... 'why does Oneself play with itself?' or 'why does Oneself fool itself with all this illusory divisiveness?'. The answer is simple: not to feel alone. To have companionship. Companionship is the underwriting principle of the divine play of dualism. Of course, there is no such thing as dualism. There's only Oneself perceiving itself as dual not to be alone. It is not good to be alone. Very important verse.  Therefore... What are we to do? Nothing. We can however understand ourselves, i.e., G-d can understand itself, One Self can understand One Self. Why I is as it is; to remember that all this is just a play Oneself creates in order not to be alone. So do not get lost in all the drama and divisiveness you see in this world. It is an illusion that serves but one purpose: companionship, to have someone to love and to be loved in return. Always keep that in mind. For not everyone knows, and those realized people that may know may (mis)use it for their own monetary gain (including but not limited to the media).
~ Wald