Living from the Heart

It is said that the first noble truth is to understand that everyOne is suffering. Suffering is caused by forgetfulness. Forgetfulness of knowing there is only Oneself. Oneself existing as man, as woman, as the plurality, to consume the first primordial and existential need; companionship. Companionship equates to Love. To Love and Be Loved; it is the essence of Oneself, of reality, of existence. Oneself exists as plural to love and be loved. Man and woman, nations too, can meet each other in this realization. The realization that there is only Oneself desiring Love. Genesis 1:1. What is the meaning? I=I. There is only God. God is Oneself desiring Love. Remembrance thus. For suffering is caused by forgetfulness. Forgetfulness of cause and purpose. Cause is loneliness. Purpose is Love. Love one another. There is no other. There is only Oneself.
~ Wald