Oneself is the Cosmos

It is said. There is only Allah. There is only God. There is only Brahman. There is only Buddha.  Yes. It is correct. Then what? Allah Is. God Is. Brahman Is. Buddha Is. We are Allah. We are God. We are Brahman. We are Buddha.  It is just that we are not plural, we are One as in singular. Oneself is Singular.  One perceives itself as plural not to be alOne. So it is. Self is One! All the many selves are One Self perceiving itself as many not to be lonely, not to be alone.  As such it can be said that Oneself upholds Maya not to be alone. Oneself upholds Lila not to be alone. All the world's a stage but it is Oneself that is staging- and playing with itself for the sole purpose of companionship; not to be alone. As to the origin of life question; it is simple: Companionship is the purpose and loneliness is the cause. Not playfulness, no! Companionship! First companionship, then playfulness. In this order only. Oneself is indeed like a child seeking others to play with. This can only happen through the perception of otherness. All others are in truth but Oneself.
~ Wald