saṅgraha of saṅgera: सो ऽहम्

Nobody understands the meaning of God anymore. The meaning of God is One Self. There is only Oneself! I=I. Forget about energy, mass and the speed of light. All abstractions! I=I. There is only I. There is only Oneself! Oneself perceives itself as diverse, plural, varied, multi-faceted, fragmented, differentiated... Yes. It is true. Reality is Oneself in its totality without division. Division does not exist. Indeed like the song: 'it's just an illusion'. The question then comes 'why?'. Hear, hear, the answer is simply 'Companionship'. What is companionship? To have someone to be with, no to be alone! Indeed; the 'All-One' is Alone and seeks to negate its alOneness. In other words: the Singularity seeks to negate its own Single-ness in order not to be lonely. We are the Singularity! The Singularity is all of us as One. Oneself Is. Then some say... 'what is it with all this Love? Is it not merely a Christian concept? Naturally not. We are the Christ. We are Krishna. Krisha has d’yo partzuf panim. Adam and Chava, yes, Adam and Eve or Krishna and Arjuna or Yin & Yang and Yoni & Lingam too; it is all Oneself dancing with itself not to be alone. Hence Love as the key that unlocks the golden door to Nirvana. One Love for there is only Oneself seeking Saṅgera; the desire of constant companionship. Those lone wolfs are not so lone after all for they are the air, the water, the sun and the moon. Existence is One without a second. There is only Oneself! It is this what it means Tat Tvam Asi. I is I. There is only us as One for we are.
~ Wald