Satya is Self: There is Only Oneself!

It is true that Satyam or Truthfulness diminishes during the age of forgetfulness known as the Kali Yuga simply because hanuman-kind no longer remembers the Truth as it has drifted too far from its original purpose. Without knowing the Absolute Truth, humankind no longer understands the cause or purpose of Life. Therefore it says: 'Awake O'Sleeper, the ONE sleeping, and rise up out from the dead of forgetfulness, and Christ (Blissful Love) will shine upon you. So what is Life? Life is Oneself experiencing itself as variegated not to be alone. It is this what it means ืֶื”ְื™ֶื” ืֲืฉֶׁืจ ืֶื”ְื™ֶื”. There is only Oneself. I=I. E=mc2 was born out of Self-ignorance; a band-aid to explain that which is Self-evident. Forgetfulness leads to Self-ignorance which in turn leads to Self trying to explain itself through false abstractions and compartMentalizations. Mind over heart leads to confusion. Confusion is rampant in the Kali Yuga. There is no formula, there are no numbers, there is no division! All is I and I is all. Oneself 'Is'. The perception of diversity exists for the sole purpose so Self could consummate one's first and only primordial desire; this primordial desire is Companionship. It is not good to be alone. In other words: The absolute Truth is Oneself desiring Companionship. All diversity is Oneself. Oneself is diversified to experience companionship. Loneliness is the cause of Life diversified. Companionship aka Love is the purpose of Life diversified. Yes, Companionship is a synonym for Love. It is the same. Oneself upholds the illusion of separation not to be alone; to experience companionship. All is indeed in constant companionship for all is Oneself!  Constant companionship (saแน…gera) is what Oneself desires. There is however only Oneself; such is ultimate reality. Ultimate reality is Oneself desiring Love.  Love is the only purpose of Life. Life diversified is the fulfillment of One's own desire for companionship, for Love. The Satya Yuga is the age of remembrance. It is when the plurality remembers it is Oneself.  Truth or Satya is Self; there is only Oneself; all this for Love, all this for Love! Love is the meaning Life. Love is the purpose of Life. There is no other purpose but Love.
~ Wald