Marriage is man and woman realizing they are One.

It is said that there is no separation in God. It is correct. There is no separation in God. The question then comes. How do you define God? That's easy. God is Oneself. There is only Oneself perceiving itself as fragmented not to be alOne. Is it important? Perhaps. Take marriage problems for example. What is the problem? The problem is forgetfulness. Forgetfulness by Man and Woman that they are actually One. One experiences itself as Man and Woman not to be alOne. Yes, it is true, One will never find the fulfillment it seeks in this life-time, the desire to reach a permanent state of bliss is just too great. Yes, it is also true, that Man and Woman can understand they are One thus allowing them to overcome their Self-imagined separation. This separation that exists to come together as One; to Love and be Loved. Surrender it is called. Surrendering to the essence of Self. Surrendering to Love. Becoming One. This is what marriage is really about; man and woman realizing they are One and meeting each other every day anew in this realization, the realization that they are the living embodiment of their own desire.
~ Wald