The Politics of Dancing

  People argue. Constantly. Nobody seems to ask 'why'. What is the purpose? There is only Oneself. Oneself opposes itself. Self-deception on the high seas indeed. Why? Good question. Self is One without a second after all. Why would Oneself play hide and seek with itself? Why would Oneself oppose and deceive itself? This deception, the need to oppose others, the need to argue, bread and games, all the world's a stage, Lila, the divine play, whatever; it serves but one purpose: companionship, i.e., not to be alone. Oneself does not want to be alOne and stages its own illusory multiplicity and opposition in order to escape loneliness. In other words. Oneself opposes itself not to be by itself. A paradox indeed. Those who understand Yin & Yang should be able to understand the above. I highly recommend some Self-reflection in this yuga of forgetfulness. Forgetfulness of One's purpose; the purpose is Love.
~ Wald