There is only One Self desiring Love.

There is only Oneself seeking Love. What does it mean? Oneself is reality and reality is Oneself. There is no such thing as division, there is only the perception of otherness. The perception of otherness exists so Oneself could consummate its primordial desire of companionship. Companionship is a synonym for Love. Love is the meaning and the purpose of Life. Life is diversified to escape alOneness; to experience companionship. Very simple.  It is thus correct to state that all this is Lila or the Divine Play. It is just that the Divine is Oneself and that Oneself is playing with itself not to be alone; to have companionship. Hence why it is said to 'love each other as I love You' for there is in truth no other, there is only Oneself seeking Love.
~ Wald