Time Does Not Exist

Time is an invention of modern man; it does not exist. Existence aka reality is Oneself experiencing itself in real time. In other words; Oneself is the eternal current. In addition: there is no such thing as division and the perception of diversity exists so Oneself would not feel alone. Life diversified is in truth Oneself experiencing itself as diversified not to be alone. Oneself is the universe or cosmic totality. As to mass, matter, movement and space; these are all abstractions. Oneself is the unmoved mover. E = mc2 may be modern man's most famous equation but it is a fragmentary fallacy. E = Oneself. M = Oneself. c2 = Oneself. There is only Oneself experiencing itself. The only valid equation is I=I or I=Love for Love or Companionship is the existential purpose why Oneself experiences itself as diversified. Does the above matter? Perhaps not where it not for the fact that physical death is an abstraction too. The eternal life is in truth Oneself. Oneself eternally is.
~ Wald