Time is Self Engineered

It is said that time is an illusion but it is not so. Time is not an illusion; it is a Self-engineered abstraction. So it is.  In order to understand time we first must understand that there is only Oneself, i.e., the plurality is the singularity and the singularity perceives itself as plurality. Now. Oneself upholds time to prevent itself from happening at once. In other words; Oneself upholds time to experience itself. Time is Self-engineered. The answer to the question - why would Oneself desire to perceive time - is companionship. Companionship is the purpose why time exists, and, naturally diversity too for they are interlinked. Oneself desires companionship. Companionship can only be experienced through the perception (or illusion) of otherness aka the illusion of separation. But that's not sufficient for Oneself to experience companionship for the self-illusioned duality or plurality would happen at once. Oneself therefore upholds time so it could play out its own desire for companionship. All the world's a stage, yes, but it is Oneself who stages itself and this for the sole purpose of companionship aka Love.
~ Wald