We are the Singularity.

The family is under a lot of pressure. Everyone wants to go their own way. There is a lot of suffering. It is unneeded.  The cause is forgetfulness. Forgetfulness is rampant right now; it is why some call it the Kali Yuga. So how can man and woman overcome these challenges of the Kali Yuga, of forgetfulness? How can husband and wife stay together? The answer is remembrance. Who and why are we? Both partners must remember they are but One. One exists as man and woman, as Yin and Yang, as Linga and Yoni, not to be alOne. Yes; we could replace the word 'One' with 'God' or 'Self'. It is correct. There is only God after all. There is only One Self after all. In other words; man and woman must understand their reason for being, the reason why One exists as Two, the reason why God perceives itself as diversified. This reason for being is companionship; not to be alone. It is not good to be alone. It is why One exists as man and woman. It is why One disperses itself while remaining itself (the concept of Cosmic Inflation or the Big Bang). All this to experience companionship, not to be alone. Yes indeed, the cause of the Big Bang or Cosmic Inflation as science calls it is the desire for companionship, a partner. But make no mistake. There is only One Self. Oneself partners with itself. We are singular. We are the Singularity aka God. God is Singular experiencing itself as Plural not to be alone. Very simple. Arguments can be solved if couples meet each other in this realization, every day anew. Remembrance thus of the following. The cause of life diversified is loneliness. The purpose of life diversified is companionship. Yes, Love. Companionship is Love. Love one another as I-LOVE-YOU as there is only I with Love being at the heart, at the very center. 'I Love' as Tagore said. Nothing could be more easy. Very essential. Very true. Repeat it often. 'I Love'. For you are Love, for you are, you are Love.
~ Wald