Satya is One Self

The Kali Yuga is the age of forgetfulness. It is when Self forgets it is One without a second. The Satya Yuga is the age of remembrance. It is when Self remembers it is One without a second. At any Yuga, Oneself is always singular, the only thing here; it is just that Oneself goes through sleep and wake cycles. Very much like ebb and flow or the seasons, Oneself gradually awakens from a deep sleep, becomes fully aware of its Oneness, then slowly slumbers off and falls asleep again. Yet Self is always eternally One, i.e., Satya is always One Self. One final note: The perception of otherness (diversity) exists for Companionship, not to be alone, for Love. It is correct to note that Love is the meaning- and purpose of Life. There is indeed no other purpose. The only purpose is Love, not playfulness or creativity, no, first and foremost Love. Love is the primary reason.
~ Wald