All this for Love; not to be alone!

The purpose of Life is Love. Why? Oneself desires to Love and Be Loved. There is only One Self desiring Love. It is very simple really.  All plurality is the singularity. The singularity is Oneself. Oneself desires Love. The fulfillment of this desire is Life. Life, Man and Woman, are in truth Oneself (One Self) experiencing itself as Man and Woman, as Life, not to be alone. So the purpose is not creativity? No. Creativity is a side effect; it is not the primary reason.  So the purpose is not playfulness? No. Playfulness is part of it of course for it is related to Love. Companionship is however valid for it is a synonym for Love. So the true purpose of Life? It is Love.  Love is the reason for the perception of separation, for the illusion of otherness, for man and woman. But all this, reality, existence, life; it is all Oneself experiencing itself as diversified not to be alone.
~ Wald