Death is an Illusion.

The answer to the question - is it true that death is an illusion - is ultimately yes. Death is an illusion or rather an abstraction. ‘That which is’ experiences itself as plurality not to be alone. That which is is Self. Self is undivided but perceives itself as divided not to be alone. In other words: Self experiences itself as plurality not to be alone. All plurality (Life) is in reality a singularity and this singularity is in truth Self. Self is always One without a second. There are not many selves, there is but One Self perceiving itself as many selves to consummate this innate desire not to be alone, for Companionship, for Love. What dies then? There is no death in the true sense. All that is here is Self experiencing itself as Life diversified for Companionship, for Love. Love never dies. It is correct. Self is eternal. It is correct. All this for Love; not to be alone. There is ultimately nothing to fear. Thou art The Eternal One without exception. All of you are guaranteed safe passage. All is always G-d. Such is the truth. Simply let go of any grudges and feel only Love. Love and forgiveness sets the captive free which is in truth Oneself.
~ Wald