Differentiation Exists for Companionship.

It is easy to get lost in our differences. I feel this, you feel that. I think this, you think that. That sort of thing. This is not a problem for as long as we remember our differences exist for a purpose. The purpose is so One would not feel alOne, so Self would not feel alOne. For indeed, we are but One in reality. One perceives itself as two, as diverse, for Companionship. So it is; One desires to negate its own aloneness, its own singleness, through perceiving itself as diversified.  In other words: differentiation exists for Companionship, i.e., diversity exists for Companionship, not to be alone, to Love and be Loved. Then there's the fallacy of division. There is of course no such thing as division. Division simply does not exists. There is only Oneself perceiving itself as diverse to have someone to be with and this for the aforementioned reason to escape aloneness. It is not good to be alone. All this is One. All this is Self. Self is One without a second. There is only Oneself desiring Companionship. Companionship equates to Love. 'I Love You' holds great significance.
~ Wald