Division is a Sensory Illusion.

Life is Self. Self is One. There is only One Self. Oneself itself is. Existence is Self and there is no such thing as non-existence. So it goes for reality. Reality is Self. So yes, Life is Self. It is Self which calls itself Life. Life is Self experiencing itself as variegated not to feel alone, i.e., Life is Self experiencing itself as plural(ity) for Companionship. Companionship aka Love is the meaning- and purpose of Life for Life is in truth Self. Self is always One without a second. There is no division. Division does not exist. It should be scrapped from all teachings. Division is a sensory illusion. This sensory illusion exists so Self would not feel alone. All this for Love; not to feel alone. Love one another, there is no an other, truth is One Self, OneSelf itself Is. I=I and I=Love.
~ Wald