Everything is (contained within) Oneself; Oneself is Everything.

The key for lasting world peace is to understand there is only Oneself. What it means is that existence or reality is in truth Oneself. There are not many separate selves, there is only Oneself experiencing itself as many separate selves for Companionship. Oneself experiences itself as differentiated not to be alone. Aloneness or loneliness is the originating cause for the self-conceived illusion of separation. Companionship or Love is the primordial purpose for the self-conceived illusion of separation. In other words; Oneself perceives itself as variegated NOT to cause itself suffering but to experience Companionship. There should never be any reason for fear or anxiety for all this (reality, existence, the universe, earth, life) is Oneself. Oneself eternally is. The individual's birth and death are all Oneself experiencing itself as plurality for companionship. As such, physical birth and death are abstractions. What it means is that all plurality (all life including humankind) is but Oneself. Oneself continuously aligns itself to Love. Love is the meaning- and purpose of Life diversified for Life is Oneself desiring Love.
~ Wald