Existence is Oneself.

There is a lot of anxiety in this world. Anxiety is the result from seeing separateness or division where there is none whatsoever. Anxiety can only exist when there is something external that can threaten Self. Truth is that there is only One Self! Oneself itself is! There is nothing besides Oneself. Oneself is reality and reality is Oneself. All this (the Universe, the Earth and all Life) is Oneself! Oneself just perceives itself as diversified not to be alone! It is you! You, the individual, are in truth the Universe! The Universe is in reality Oneself and the reason why the individual (which is Oneself really) perceives separateness is so Oneself would not feel alone! There is no death really and birth (at the individual level) is an abstraction; there is no such thing as death. All there is is Oneself upholding and manifesting itself as plural for Companionship! It's all G-d really for G-d is Oneself! There never was, is, nor ever will be any division; there is only Oneself. Existence is Oneself. Self is eternally One! Oneself is (the) Eternal (One). Dance people, dance!
~ Wald