G-d Thou Art.

Fear or anxiety is the result of the illusion of separation. Separation there is none. That which is you (the individual) is in truth everything for everything is Oneself perceiving itself as plurality, as individuals, not to be alone. Aloneness is the cause for the illusion of separation and Love is the purpose for indeed; the illusion of separation exists not to feel alone, to experience Companionship. There is no threat neither is there anything to fear for all there is is Self. Self always was, is and always will be One without a second. That which is you is in truth cosmic totality, the eternal life! Celebrate thus your individuality but remain firmly rooted in knowing that your true Self transcends any notion of your limited and temporary self-perceived physicality. Thou art the eternal life celebrating itself as its manifold temporary physical expressions to consummate this innate desire to Love and Be Loved in return. Love is eternal!
All is always G-d. There is only G-d. G-d Thou Art.

~ Wald