Surrender to Love

There is only God. Yes, it is correct. God is One. This One is not external. This One is Self. Self is One without a second. There is only Oneself. Very simple. Let's continue. There is only God. There is only Oneself. Alright. All clear. The bigger question then is; What does God want, or, what does Oneself want? The answer to that is Companionship. Companionship is a synonym for Love. God does not want to be alone. Oneself does not want to be alone. It is not good to be alone. As such there is diversity. As such there is man and woman. Man and Woman are God. Man and Woman are Oneself. Oneself perceives itself as man and woman not to be alone. It ultimately all comes down to Love. To Love and Be Loved is what Oneself desires, it is what God desires. The cause of life is loneliness and the purpose is Love aka Companionship. That should be enough for now. 
~ Wald