God is Oneself without division; division does NOT exist.

The answer to the question - If God created everything, including science, how can Science prove God? - is that God is proof upon itself for there is only God. It is just that God is Oneself without division. Division does not exist; it is a fallacy of modern man. Division does not exist; diversity does (the perception of diversity exists for Companionship as Companionship is the primordial purpose). Now… How can God proof itself by any external mean when there is only God? Or... How can Self proof itself by any external mean when there is only One Self? The question is absurd for it stems from ignorance or forgetfulness. God is proof upon itself. Self is proof upon itself. There is only God. There is only Oneself. God proves itSelf is. Self proves itSelf Is. There is only Oneself perceiving itself as diverse not to be alOne, for Companionship aka Love. All this for Love. Love is the only purpose. One final note: It must be remembered at all times that Love is a synonym for Companionship. It is the same. All this for Love, for Companionship!
~ Wald