New Light on Dark Energy and Dark Matter.

Perhaps this is the right time to bring New Light on Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Dark Energy is not so dark after all. After all, colors are abstractions. Regardless. Dark Energy is Self. Light Energy is Self. As for Dark Matter. Dark Matter is Self. Light Matter is Self. In fact; everything is Self. Self itself is. Self always is. Science tries hard to re-name Self into various wordings, numbers, formulas and equations but rest assured that there will always be Self regardless of the name. After all, Self names itself. It is how Self ended up with the Tower of Babel. As long as Self remembers the purpose is Love it is all Good for indeed, there where otherness is perceived is Self desiring Love. Love is the first principle. Everything else nincompoop. That to be said; Self is more of a light bringer. Perhaps it would be a nice gesture if Science could change its wordings to Light Energy or Light Matter. Truth to be said; Self (I) is no Schwarzschild aber ein Leichteskind.
~ Wald