What is more important in Life; money, Love?

What is more important in Life; money, Love? My goodness. Such a question can only be posed during the Kali Yuga; the age of forgetfulness. In order to answer the - is love more important than money - question it must first be understood what Life is. If Self does not understand what Life is; it will never be able to answer the question. So what is Life? Life is Oneself experiencing itself as Male and as Female not to be alOne. So it is. There is only Oneself desiring companionship. The singularity perceives itself as plural not to be alone. There is only the Singularity; it is Oneself! Separation is self-imagined for Companionship. Companionship is a synonym for Love. Love is the meaning- and purpose of Life. Life is Oneself. There are no others! Everything is in constant companionship for it is what Oneself desires. Oneself is everything and everything is Oneself. The utmost form of ignorance is thus believing money has any value. It has none. Money has no significance. The only value is Love for it is what Oneself desires. All else is vanity, ignorance, blindness. Awake O Sleeper; Truth is Oneself desiring Love. Thou Art One Self!
~ Wald