Cause and Effect are One Self: Oneself Causes Itself

It is said that everything has a cause and effect. Yes, it is true. But cause and effect are One. This One is Oneself. Yes, cause and effect are Oneself; Oneself causes itself! There is only Oneself!  Yes, Oneself is Desire. But what is it that Oneself desires? Companionship, someone to Love and Be Loved. Everything is in relationship with each other for good reason. Everything is Oneself and Oneself is everything. Oneself desires constant companionship in order to escape aloneness, singleness, the void of nothingness which is quite dreadful indeed.  Of course there is no division. Division does not exist. Not in this reality, not in ultimate reality. There is after all only one reality; Oneself.  It is just that Oneself perceives itself as diversified, as fragmented, not to be alone. Hence the self-engineered illusion of separation. All this not to be alone, to escape loneliness, all this for Love! Love is the meaning- and purpose of Life. Life is Oneself desiring Love. So it is. There is no greater truth than this.
~ Wald