Primordial Soup My Behind.

According to the scientific community (excluding those in QM) there is no single generally accepted model for the origin of Life. Scientists have proposed several questionable hypotheses which share some common elements but fail to provide a conclusive answer. While differing in details, these hypotheses tend to overlook one very important detail. That which searches for the origin of Life is itself the origin of Life. There is only One Self. Self is the origin of itself, or rather, Self experiencing itself as itself in the current. Space, Time, Energy, Matter are sensory illusions. My goodness. Is it true. Sure. But why does it matter? Let me tell you why it matters. Division is a sensory illusion too. The answer to the question - why does the illusion of division exists - is Companionship. Now we thus come return to the origin of Life being Self for Life is in reality Self experiencing itself as itself. There are no others and now that we are at it; there is no such thing as death either. More importantly; there is nothing to fight for existence is Self and Self is undivided. Self simply desires not to be alone, for companionship, yes, the word is Love. All this for Love; not to be alone! The only primordial soup is Self denying it itself is One without a second. But make no mistake; there is only Oneself desiring Love. Love is the purpose of Life for Life is in truth Self experiencing itself as itself.
~ Wald