Sat is Self Desiring Companionship; there is only One Self.

There is only One Self. Oneself is reality. Oneself is existence. All plurality is in truth Oneself. Oneself perceives itself as plural not to be alone, for companionship. All religions are correct for they all lead to the same truth. Christianity explains this need for Companionship as Love. Islam explains this need for Companionship as Friendship. Judaism explains this as ‘all is G-d and G-d is all’ or ‘Ahava’ for it is not good to be alone. Sanatana Dharma explains this as ‘Om Tat Sat’ or ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ or 'Truth is One' (Rigveda). And so on. And so on. The conclusion is simple: Truth is Oneself desiring Companionship; all this for Love, not to be alOne.
~ Wald