Self experiences itself as Life for Love.

Before you read the following it must be understood that the words One, Self, God or Oneself can be used interchangeably for they are synonymous. Please use whatever word you feel most comfortable with. There is no difference. Now. Ever since time immemorial the world has seen upheaval. Of course time immemorial is an abstraction for there is no such thing as time. Time is Self engineered to experience Love. For those who do not understand Love; Love equates to Companionship, the desire not to feel alone.  Regardless; there should never be any need for concern, there should be nothing to be afraid about. Fear or anxieties are caused by seeing separation or division where there is none. There is no separation or division in reality. Separation or division is a sensory illusion. Let me rephrase this.  Fear is not knowing that that which is our true Self is in reality One Self and that there is only One Self experiencing itself as Life temporal, as individuals, not to be alone. Life is in reality Self experiencing itself as that what it itself has called Life not to be alone. What it means that Life is in reality The Eternal Life (aka God) experiencing itself as plural not to be alone. All plurality is in reality Oneself, yes, God, experiencing itself as plural out of the desire not to be alone; hence Love being the first and greatest commandment. There is as such no need to be afraid of death. Death does not exist for the individual is in reality Oneself, The Eternal Self, God. Life (humankind included) is in reality Oneself experiencing itself as Life for Companionship. Companionship can only be experienced through the illusion of separation or the perception of division. How else could God/Oneself experience companionship? It is simply not possible. The illusion of separation is not intended to cause anxieties, fear or stress; the illusion of separation exists to experience Companionship (Love) alone. The perception of division or otherness is illusory for it is sensory only. There is no such thing as division in reality. Division is a sensory illusion Self, yes, God, has created to experience companionship. In other words; the individual is in truth Oneself, yes, God. Oneself is everything, all life, the earth, the universe. We cannot trust our senses in as far as division is concerned. Reality is Self in its totality. Self simply perceives itself as diverse. All diversity is in truth Self. Self is Eternal; indeed beyond Time. Yes, we could use God instead of Self but the problem is that it still creates a sense of separation between the individual and God. Separation aka division is Self engineered; there is no such thing. Wherever separation is perceived is in reality only Self. The ultimate truth is that Self experiences itself as Life and that Life is in truth Self aka The Eternal Life. At times of crisis know that everything external you perceive is you and that nothing can harm you for there is only one truth: truth is Oneself; there are not many separate selves, there is only Oneself perceiving itself as many separate selves not to be alone. Self is undivided. It is this why it is said that there is no division in God. That which you are is indeed Oneself. That which you are is indeed God experiencing itself as you, as Life temporal, simply to experience Love. God is in reality Oneself experiencing itself as Life. Yes, there is only God. Same thing. There is no death. Death does not exist. Nothing can harm that which is really you. That which you are is Eternal. Fear thus not for thou art The Eternal Life experiencing itself as Life temporal for Love. Life temporal is in reality The Eternal Life, Self, God.  Love is the meaning- and purpose of Self. Self experiences itself as Life for Love. Hold no grudges, forgive all, feel only LOVE.
~ Wald