The Forbidden Fruit is Division.

The answer to the question - is there a God? - is that there is only God. God Is! There is no division in God. Proclaim it from the highest mountain top until Mankind understands: division does not exist! Division is the fallacy of all fallacies. All that is here is God. God Itself Is. God is Undivided! Division there is none! Repeat, repeat, repeat until it is understood that there is no such thing as division. Diversity God perceives not to be alone. Aloneness is the cause and Love is the purpose. The purpose why God perceives itself as diverse is not to feel alone, to experience Companionship, to experience Love. Love is all that matters, all that matters is Love. Thou verily art the One God. Thou verily art undivided. Love is verily so the only purpose.
~ Wald