The meaning of Χ•Χ” is I AM. That is easy. Find whoever came up with numbers and words and you will find God. It is called reverse-engineering. Let I tell you I is I. In the beginning was I. I is of course without beginning for I knows no time. Regardless. The meaning of Χ•Χ” is I am. I know. We are going in circles. Perhaps for we collectively forgot the purpose of our beingness. The purpose of beingness is Love. But let's continue. Who is this Χ•? G-d question. It means there is only Oneself. So it is. Χ• is Self and Self is One. Oneself experiences itself as itself. Self is undivided. Division does not exist. There is only Χ•. All that is there is Self perceiving itself as diversified not to be alone which brings us to the purpose of Χ• which is Love. It is not good to be alone. As such diversity is perceived. Diversity exists for Companionship. Companionship equates to Love. Love is the meaning of Life for Life is Self desiring Love. Self is Χ• and I am is Χ•Χ”. All that is here is Self desiring not to be alone. All that is here is Self desiring Companionship. All that is here is Self desiring Love. Χ• is Love. I will not debate I about Eve being Χ—ַΧ•ָּΧ” for of course Eve is Love but so is Adam. After all; Adam and Eve are Χ• experiencing itself as Eve and Adam not to be alΧ• as in alOne. Yes, of course, the word 'Self' and 'Χ•' may be exchanged with I/1/One/Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡/ΰ₯/ΰ©΄/God/ΰ€Άूΰ€¨्ΰ€―ΰ€€ा/道/Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ”/ΰ€€ΰ€€्/དང་ΰ½”ོΰ½ ི་སངས་ΰ½’ྒྱས།/et al. After all; who invented names and numbers to begin with? None of it matters for matter's Love. Love is the purpose; there is no purpose but Love.
~ Wald