The Origin of Life is Self desiring Love.

The ontological argument for the existence of God is simple: there is only God. It is just that God is Oneself without division. Divison is a fallacy; it does not exist. It is so. There is no division yet there is the perception of division. The question that thus naturally follows is 'why?' to which the answer is Companionship. Companionship is the purpose for the perception of division and loneliness is the cause. That which is Life is in truth but Oneself perceiving itself as separate, as diverse, as variegated not to feel alone. It is indeed correct to state that the purpose of Life is Love for Love equates to Companionship. All this for Companionship; not to feel alone. In other words; the cause of Life diversified is Oneself desiring Love for Life is Oneself in reality, there are no others really. All there is is Oneself perceiving itself as variegated not to feel alone. Oneself is reality and reality is Oneself. Oneself upholds itself with Love being the guiding principle.
~ Wald