There is no other purpose but Love!

When it comes to the nature of reality, of existence, of the universe; there is but one truth: there is only One Self. I repeat: there is only Self. Self is undivided! But Self has a problem you see. Self is quite lonely. So what can Self do other than deluding itself of its Oneness, of its Singleness? Quite understandably so Oneself thus perceives itself as variegated, as man, as woman, not to be alone! So it is. Oneself desires nothing more but Companionship. Companionship is what existence is all about. It is just that existence is Oneself desiring Love! Love is the purpose for Life diversified. Life diversified (plurality) in in truth Oneself desiring Love, desiring Companionship. All this for Love. Love is the meaning- and purpose of Life. There is no other purpose but Love! It's all G-d!
~ Wald