Time Exists for Love

The answer to the question - why does time exist? - is Love. So it is. Time exist for Love. To be able to Love and Be Loved in return. To experience Companionship. You see, we are not we, we is One. One Is. One perceives itself as two, as plural, not to be alOne. Aloneness is the cause and Love is the purpose. The purpose of Life is Love for Life is not Life but One experiencing itself as Life for Love. Love is the purpose, there is no other purpose but Love. Time exists so One could experience Love itself. One perceives time not to feel alone. One is Us. Life temporal is the Eternal One experiencing itself as Life Temporal for Love. Love is eternal. So it is. Love is eternal for all that is here is One desiring Love. There is only One. One Eternally Is. This One Thou Art.
~ Wald