Truth is One Self Desiring Love.

Karma is misunderstood. There is only one doer, or rather, the one acting and the one receiving is the same. Oneself acts itself. Oneself stages itself. Oneself plays with itself. At any Yuga; there is only One Self. There is nothing besides Oneself. Oneself Is. Isness is Oneself.  There is no such thing as otherness in reality. There is no division. There is no separation. All there is is Oneself. Oneself itself is. It is just that Oneself perceives itself as diversified and this for the purpose not to be alone. Aloneness is the originating cause of (the perception of) diversity and Companionship is the only purpose. All this diversity, it is all Oneself desiring Companionship, yes, Love. Companionship and Love; it is the same. In other words: Love is the essence. It is what Oneself desires. It is not good to be alone. It is indeed why God created Man and Woman. It is just that Man and Woman are in truth One Self. Yin and Yang is Oneself. Lingam and Yoni is Oneself. In conclusion: Oneself is reality and reality is Oneself desiring Love. All this for Love, not to be alone. Satya is One Self. Truth is One Self desiring Love. What it means for Human-kind is that it must simply remember its originating cause and its existential purpose. This existential purpose is Love. Love is the only purpose. This was the message that Krishna, Christ and hundreds if not thousands of others have tried to explain. Awake O Sleeper! Love One Another, there is NO other, Truth is Oneself desiring Love.
~ Wald