E=mc2 is irrelevant; there is only I. The equation? 'I=Love".

There are several ways to describe reality. There is only one undivided consciousness. Consciousness is undivided but desires to differentiate itself not to be alone. Reality is thus the result of the unwillingness to be alone. It is not good to be alone.  The primordial motivation is not to cause suffering but the desire for Companionship, Friendship, Love, Togetherness. Now. This one consciousness is in truth not something external from us; it is us: us is One. This us, this we, the collective; it is in truth Oneself. Oneself is undivided but desires differentiation not to cause suffering but for Love. Love is the only thing that matters. E=mc2 is irrelevant for it circumnavigates the truth. The truth is that Oneself desires Love. There is only Oneself. The truth is that there is only I. The correct equation is 'I=Love'. Love is what I desires. Love is what Oneself desires. Love is what G-d desires! All the rest is nincompoop, petit cinema, bread and games.
~ Wald